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Dental Sealants at Aurora Dental The grinding and biting surfaces of the teeth especially the first permanent molars - are characterized by natural grooves and depressions that can be deep and narrow. These "fissures" can be difficult to clean properly, which increases the risk that particles of food remain stuck in the grooves even after your child has brushed their teeth. When bacteria feed on these food substances, they create the sticky clear plaque that attacks the tooth enamel and causes dental decay.

Fissure sealants are an acrylic-like material that your dentist applies to the biting surfaces of high-risk primary and permanent teeth, to create a barrier that will protect them from decay.

We normally recommend considering a fissure sealant treatment once your child's first permanent back teeth appear. This is usually at around six yeas of age.

While fissure sealants are mostly applied to children's teeth, they can also be applied to the teeth of adults who are seeking additional protection against tooth decay. However, because fissure sealants can only be applied to the biting surfaces of the teeth, and not the surfaces in-between the teeth, daily flossing continues to be an important component of maintaining good oral hygiene.
How are sealants applied and how long do they last? Applying a fissure sealant is a painless process. First, a solution is applied to the chewing surface of the tooth, which prepares the enamel for bonding with the sealant. The tooth is then washed and dried before the sealant is applied, which is then hardened through the use of an ultraviolet light.

Fissure sealants can last several years, however this depends on your child's chewing patterns. For example, if your child grinds their teeth (has bruxism) or eats a lot of excessively hard tough foods, the treatment may need to be reapplied or renewed sooner.

Your dentist will check the condition of your child's fissure sealants during their twice yearly check-ups.
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