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Fluoride Fluoride toothpaste contains quite a bit of fluoride; about 1000 times that contained in fluoridated water. It is not intended to be swallowed. Excessive swallowed fluoride have no affect on primary teeth, but can lead to stained permanent teeth. So, please do not Brush your child's teeth with fluoridated toothpaste more than twice each day.

Children who are not yet 7 years old should not use any fluoride rinsing products, such as ACT. They may swallow some of the rinse even if they don't intend to.

Fluoride helps teeth become stronger and resistant to decay. regularly drinking water treated with fluoride and brushing with a fluoride toothpaste approved by the Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA) or American Dental Association (ADA) regularly can result in significantly fewer cavities.

Facts about fluoride:

  • The correct amount of swallowed fluoride ingested from birth to age 7 can prevent 50% of decay for life.
  • All community water systems in this part of Georgia are fluoridated.
  • If your child drinks fluoridated water, he/she is receiving all the swallowed fluoride that is necessary.
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